Body Blitz personal training is managed and led by a personal trainer with over fifteen years experience in the fitness industry.

The aim of Body Blitz is to show you how to achieve weight loss/ fat loss and change your shape for the better along with educating you how to improve your nutrition and make better life style choices.

Goals set by yourself are hard to achieve but with the motivation, guidance and help from the start, Body Blitz can help you all the way through to achieving your goals and maintenance after.


About Chris

I am Chris Mould the personal trainer and owner of Body Blitz. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and 9 of them at one of Leicestershire’s leading health clubs. I have trained people from weight loss to ironman triathlon. What ever your goals I will make it as fun and enjoyable as possible helping you improve your health, lifestyle and nutrition as well as showing you new ideas to motivate you in your exercise programme. Thinking outside the box is something I try to do with weird and wonderful exercises.