I started training with Chris over a year ago and in that time he has revolutionised my attitude to exercise and diet, to the point now where there is two and a half stone less of me! Every session is different and tailored to agreed goals. In addition there is emphasis on training and eating well in between sessions. The importance of a good diet to consolidate my training is something I had underestimated in the past and Chris has proved very knowledgeable and realistic in overhauling this aspect of my life. Chris is also very flexible which is essential as I have work commitments; yet despite these I have never been so motivated to reach my goals! Thanks Chris !

Dr P Russell 

Chris has been training me since 2008 and continues to train with me once a week. Chris has continually set goals for us to meet and has created programmes to meet these goals that take account my current personal and work commitments. This has included keeping me motivated to undertake training despite long days at work and periods of illness, when mind over matter has been essential to get me out of the house. I aim to train with Chris for as long as he is willing to listen to my groaning and my body allows!

Dominic S